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Pool & Traffic Problems
Posted on Aug 7th, 2015

To:    All Charter Oak Homeowners
From:  Charter Oak Board of Directors
Date: Aug 4, 2015
Re:    Pool & Traffic Problems
The Board of Directors has received several complaints concerning activities at the swimming pool. Several people have complained about inappropriate swim wear being worn. Please keep in mind this is a family pool, children will be in attendance. We are requesting all members & guest wear appropriate swim wear for this setting.  
We have also received complaints of people being harassed on their property as well as in common areas.. If anyone has a problem with any member or resident of Charter Oak it needs to be addressed thru the Board of Directors. This type of activity can and may lead to lawsuits being filed which would have to be defended by the Association. This would result in attorney fees being paid by the Association and being charged back to all owners.
The last issue concerns vehicles traveling at high rates of speed thru the neighborhood. While it may be had to control guest please keep in mind that each owner is responsible for not only themselves but their guest as well. There are several children in the neighborhood and grand-children that visit as well. The Board of Directors are requesting that all vehicles observe the 15 MPH speed limit in the neighborhood.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these issues.
Charter Oak Board