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Rules Update
Posted on Oct 4th, 2021

No matter how long we have lived in Charter Oak, it is often a good idea to revisit some of the “do’s and do nots” that we might have forgotten.
Inside our neighborhood the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. It is clearly posted and should be respected.  We have been experiencing a growth in younger families as well as visiting children, not to mention family pets.  So, please slow down, adhere to the posted speed limit, and realize that once inside the gates you are not very far from home.
Trash day is currently Monday.  Please do not place your bins at the curb before 4pm on Sunday night and remove them as early as possible on Monday. This helps keep our neighborhood looking neat and orderly.
We are fortunate to have a secluded swimming pool that is usually not crowded.  Pool hours are posted on both gates, and pool use is restricted to homeowners in good standing and their authorized guests- up to 4 per household. Unaccompanied guests and guests in excess of 4 must have a pool pass.  Contravening these rules is trespassing and the Police will be called.
Car parking is restricted to your garage or driveway.  We have several parking areas that are available for overflow parking.  Our overflow parking is intended for temporary parking only. Vehicles should be moved on a regular basis, affording others the opportunity to use this limited resource.  Also, remember we do not allow on street parking in undesignated areas overnight.
Please remember that parking is not allowed within 100 feet of the upper or lower gates.  This is to afford safe passage of emergency vehicles when needed.
While your Board of Directors is making every effort to ensure your comfort and safety within Charter Oak, sometimes you see something that we do not.  Please call to our attention your concern and we will make every effort to attend to your observation within the boundaries of our covenants.